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As a company, we have been providing web design services since 1998.

Coleraine web design and

Search Engine optimisation

Our Coleraine web design company is based within an hours drive of Belfast and around 40 minutes from Derry. Easy travelling to the North Coast and Central northern Ireland makes our your ideal web design partner.

Not all companies were after traditional hosting, where you literally purchase your hosting package and get left to fend for yourself – that is where we come into our own – we customise a solution, based around your needs, not the other way around. Our hosting and web design packages are tailored to work around your business needs.

We provide a service to companies that need a hosting solution, but really don’t know how to, or in most cases, don’t want to have to deal with it. We become the “one stop solution”, clients have one point of contact, in the unlikely event of their being an issue, we are always just a phone call away, no waiting in call queues, no online ticketing systems, just pick up and call.

Here’s a snapshot of what our company websites looked like when we were just starting out over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, we were not visited by the wayback machine prior to 2004 on creativehand and 2003 on pigeonhut (images courtesy of the wayback machine)
We’ve come along way since we started out WayBack.
[widgetkit id=703] In the beginning, we changed the site pretty often, but as you can see, from 2006, we had a solution that we were happy with. Now its 2012, and Technology has moved on, and we as a company have a lot more to offer, so it was once again time for a new website, which encompassed what we now stand for and can offer